• They say Damaged. We say Delicious

They say Damaged. We say Delicious

Our Initiative

We have teamed up with Vancouver based Produce Distribution Companies and Low Income Housing Initiatives to dehydrate, and donate, food which otherwise would not make it to market

Munchies:  noun /ˈmən(t)SHē/: Re-purposed food waste sold as dehydrated goods

Foodshare noun /: A Proven Effective Method of Reducing Food Waste

Foodshare verb /:  Donating produce to low income housing initiatives and creating exciting employment opportunities for those who could really use it

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100% Rescued Produce

Current Dehydrated Goods

Amazing initiative, amazing people; Munchies really cares and it shows through the tireless work they’re doing within our community! The founders of Munchies are genuine, authentic, passionate, & committed to ameliorating the effects of food poverty and waste.

Talya, Vancouver BC


They where very kind and helpful!

Ricky Larsen, Manager @ Flint Hotel Housing Co-Operative, Strathcona BC

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Who We Are

Munchies Munchies Foodshare was created back in August 2018 under the name, "Munchies Vancouver". The initial goal was to reduce food waste while helping out the less fortunate. 

An unreasonable goal was set to safely recover and donate 1000 Lbs of food by January 2019. 

By December 2018 (5 months later), our volunteers rescued and donated over 1500 lbs of produce to low income housing groups located around Metro Vancouver. We could not have done it without the continuous support from Fresh Direct Produce, 41 Catering, The City of Surrey, and The Maple Grill.

2019 hit off with a bang and we officially launched our Food Preservation Program. The FPP is designed to give a new and extended life to food destined for waste. How, you ask? Dehydration. And believe us, the more ripe, the more delicious! 

The FPP is our answer to finding  jobs for those in need. The talent behind the dehydrators are previously unemployed members of our community being paid from the proceeds of our sales.

This fulfills our desire to be sustainable, community oriented, and local.